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Here at Boston Mobile Phone Repairs our goal is to offer innovative, fast, and quality repair services for all your devices such as phones, tables, laptops and more. We are proud to be a part of the Apple Independent Repair Program and to provide the highest customer service quality repairs with the highest quality parts and the fastest turnaround times for any repair.

Our business model is simple, efficient and takes care of any problem you may have with your device!

We are a mobile business – we can travel to your location to perform repairs – or you can visit our store at Union Square ( 27 Union Sq. Somerville MA 02143 ). We specialize in fixing anything when it comes to mobile devices such as Apple device ( iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch, MacBook and much more ), Samsung Devices ( Samsung Galaxy Note Series, Samsung Galaxy S Series, Samsung Galaxy Fold Series, Samsung Galaxy A Series, Samsung Galaxy J Series, Samsung Galaxy Tab Series and much more ), Google Pixel Devices, LG Devices, Motorola Devices, ZTE Devices, One Plus Devices and so much more. We travel to your location and fix your mobile device on the spot for a small travelling fee ( travel fee is non refundable ) or you can schedule your repair for an in office visit at our location in Somerville MA 02134. Call us before you decide to visit the store sometimes we are out of the office performing mobile repairs and to avoid long waiting times.

You can schedule an appointment by calling 858-848-9004 or by clicking on BOOK YOUR REPAIR. We strive to make everyone happy with our fast and convenient repair services. If you have a broken iPhone, broken iPad, broken iPod, broken iWatch, broken MacBook, broken Pixel, broken Motorola, broken Samsung, broken Nexus, broken LG, broken Nokia, broken Computer and more. BOSTON MOBILE PHONE REPAIRS IS YOUR PERFECT MATCH

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    @AmandaSeyFriend iPhone 5S Repair
    @AmandaSeyFriend iPhone 5S Repair

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      Fix Your iPad LCD Display
      Fix Your iPad LCD Display

      Don’t take our word for it but make sure you see all our reviews and feed back on YELP and GOOGLE

      We are proud to say that because of our IRP Program now we are offering OEM parts for our iPhone Repairs when you opt in to have that repair done trough our IRP program. If you decide to go with aftermarket parts we are proud to offer the highest quality on the market and around the Boston area.  We have a strong parts supplier for all Phone, Tablet, Computer, iWatch and much more. If you have a problem with your iPhone, iPad, iWatch, MacBook, Samsung Devices, LG Devices, Motorola Devices,  Google Pixel Devices or anything in between you can rest assure we can fix it! To set up an appointment please visit BOOK YOUR REPAIR page or CALL 858-848-9004.

      Our stress-free and fast #iPhonerepair and #SamsungRepair process will give you the convenience and flexibility you need to fix your device, plus we can even travel to you for a small traveling fee. No more stressing out to where to go and what to do. We serve the Metro Boston area and we strongly suggest our On The Spot Repair at your location for a small traveling fee. Travel fees are not refundable. 

      If we are not out for a #OnTheSpotiPhoneRepair you can find us at the local office 27 Union Sq Somerville MA 02143. This is our local office where people can come and have the devices fix. Please make sure to give us a call before you head out, sometimes we may not be in the office so make sure to call before you go PLEASE CALL 858-848-9004 

      Most of our repairs don’t take more than 20-40 minutes. We have an extended list of phones, tablets, computers and other devices that we fix. If you don’t see the device you have on our website do not get discouraged give us a call and we will do our best to have your device fix.

      If you experience any problems with your device after the repair was performed by one of our technicians, don’t worry you will be assisted immediately by calling 858-848-9004 or by emailing We will assist you immediately by providing you troubleshooting steps and assistance over the phone. If troubleshooting does not resolve your after repair issue we will have you bring the device in for a hands on after repair troubleshooting. Please visit our Warranty Page   

      if it happens that you broke your phone again we will help you get you back up and running in no time with a discounted rate off course!

      We don’t practice hidden fees like other places do or charge you for any diagnosis. The only fees we have is the repair fee and the travel fee! If we travel to your location you should not be charge more than $10 – $85 for the travel fee. If you are please call 858-848-9004 for a full refund of your travel fee. 

      You can find all our repair rates on our Repairs Page. If you have a Smartphone not listed on our repairs list please don’t get discourage and give us a quick call at 858-848-9004 or email us at and we will make everything possible to give you the best rates for that specific repair. 

      BECAUSE WE CAN AND WE CARE ABOUT YOU WE OFFER THE LOWEST RATES for your #iPhoneRepair, #iPodRepair, #iPadRepair #SamsungGalaxyRepair any Smartphone repair around the Boston area, BUT IF YOU FIND A BETTER PRICE AND YOU HAVE PROOF WE WILL MATCH THAT PRICE. Obviously some restrictions may apply and we do take the right to deny or decline that price match at any time and for any reasons.  Call Today Boston Mobile Phone Repairs in Boston

      Boston Mobile Phone Repairs
      The First Mobile Cell Phone Repair Business In Boston!

      At Boston Mobile Phone Repairs we work hard every day sometimes even nights 🙂 to bring you the best value in pricing, quality, and service for your cell phone repairs needs. Boston Mobile Phone Repairs is located at 27 Union Square in Somerville MA 02143 and specializes on a broad range of Phones, Tables, Computers and Electronics repairs. Boston Mobile Phone Repairs Team is now a part of the Apple Independent Repair Program and is proud to be offering OEM repairs trough the IRP Program. Please see our IRP page to get all the information about requesting a repair for your iPhone trough the IPR Program

      Our repair-location in Somerville 27 Union Square Somerville MA 02143 offers clean-repair type environment enabling us to provide top quality workmanship. All iPhone repairs, iPod repairs, iPad repairs, Samsung repairs, Nokia repairs, Google Pixel repairs, and LG repairs are quality-checked by our repair technicians before being returned to you.


      Boston Mobile Phone Repairs is the first and only trusted mobile cell phone and tablet repair business in the Boston area. Established in  2014 we have been the first truly mobile cell phone repair business. We strive to give the best repair services for iPhone Repair, Samsung Repair, LG Repair, Google Repair, Nexus Repair, Motorola Repair, Nokia Repair  and many other trusted cell phone brands. 

      Boston Mobile Phone Repairs is the only Cell Phone Repair place in the Boston area that everyday we try to better our Technicians by getting them certify in many different aspects of the cell phone repair business industry. From a broken  iPhone screen to a non functioning IC chip ( touch disease ) our trained technicians are trained to handle everything. Some of the more complicated repairs require micro soldering experience and we are proud to announce that we have gotten the certification necessary to do so from the most reliable and trusted micro soldering school in the country the iPad Rehab School of micro soldering and board repair. 

      Boston Mobile Phone Repairs is proud to offer some extended services to our clients by offering repair solutions for your iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, Google Phone, Motorola, Nokia and much more such as Backlight or No Image Repairs, No Touch Repairs, No Power Repairs, Not Charging or Fake Charging Repair, Damage Connector Repair, Water Damage Cleaning, Water Damage Data Recovery, and much more! Boston Mobile Phone Repairs is one of the only places in town to offer this extended services and we are proud of this achievements. 


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